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Product Collections

1.2oz Surya resin incense
1.2oz Shanti resin incense
1.2oz Sahasrara Chakra resin incense
1.2oz Muladhara Chakra resin incense
1.2oz Manipura Chakra resin incense
1 Lb Patchouli power incense
1 Lb Hot Foot power incense
1 Lb Protection powder incense
1 Lb Money Drawing powder incense
1 Lb Lodestone powder incense
1oz Protection powder incense
1oz Patchouli powder incense
1oz Money Drawing powder incense
1oz Love powder incense
1oz Lodestone powder incense
Frankincense siftings incense 1 oz
Myrrh Granular incense 1 oz
Frankincense Tears incense 1 oz
Frankincense & Myrrh Granular incense Mix 1 oz
Black Mayan Copal granular incense 1oz
Stop Rumors oil 4 dram
Send Back Evil oil 4 dram
Road Opener oil 4 dram
Reversible oil 4 dram
Peaceful Home oil 4 dram
Yellow 7-day jar candle
White 7-day jar candle
Red 7-day jar candle
Orange 7-day jar candle
Black 7-day jar candle
Holy Death white 7 day jar candle
Shut Up red 7 day jar candle
Dragon's Blood 7 Day jar candle
Court Case 7 day jar candle
Come to Me 7 day jar candle
I Can Only Please One Person Per Is Not
Government Thinking For You So You Don't Have To 11 1/2" x 3"
Goddess Worshipper bumper sticker
Goddess Bless bumper sticker
Give me that old-time religion (w/pentacle)
6" Shell incense Burner
5"- 6" Abalone Shell incense burner with stand
4" Abalone Shell incense burner (limited quanity)
Wealth & Happiness talisman
Well Cover amulet
Wicca Wisdom amulet
Wicca Stability amulet
Wicca Spiritual Rebirth amulet
Blue 6" Taper Candle
1/2" Black Chime Candle 20 pack
Black Cat Votive candle
Black Cat soy votive candle
Black 7-day jar candle
3-Legged Wooden stand 2"
2" - 3" Abalone Shell incense burner
1oz Protection powder incense
1oz Patchouli powder incense
1oz Money Drawing powder incense
3/4" Pentagram sterling
Ashes Chamber Goddess
Ashes Chamber Pentagram
Ashes Chamber Pentagram
Ashes Chamber Star of David
Amethyst wire wrapped pendant
Lucifer pendant
Citrine tumbled pendant
Selenite wire wrapped necklace
3 1/4" Angel palo santo
Purification smudge with Shell
4" Pine smudge stick
1 Lb Palo Santo smudge sticks
White Sage smudge kit
14 1/2" Baphomet (also see SB707)
Backward Looking Raven 6"
Downward Looking Raven 5 1/2"
Gargoyle Guardian 6"
12 1/2" Praying Monk
1" Shiva Lingam stone
1" Magnetic Hematite balls 10 pairs
1 lb Yellow Tiger Eye tumbled stones
1 lb Unakite tumbled stones
1 lb Tourmaline, Black tumbled stones
Hematite Rune set by Lo Scarabeo
Celestial Bell(1/2") String Assorted Colors
Celestial Bells 1 1/2"
Thelema by Colin Campbell
Llewellyn's little book Herbs (hc) by Holly Bellebuono
Silvertone anklet w/ Bells
18"x18" Seed of Life altar cloth
18"x18" Metatrons Cube altar cloth
18"x18" 7 Chakra altar cloth
Red Triple Moon Pentagram altar cloth
Purple Triple Moon Pentagram altar cloth
15 1/2" dia Tree of Life glass altar table
15 1/2" dia Witches Apprentice glass altar table
Greenman altar table 8"
6"x6" Pentagram altar table
Silver Plated Brass Triple Moon altar tile 3 1/2"
3" Silver Plated Brass Pentagram altar tile
Ankh brass 2 3/8" x 4"
Brass Ankh 3 1/2"  x 6 1/2"
Wooden Pentagram altar tile 6"
Frankincense siftings incense 1/3oz
Benzoin powder incense 1/3 oz
3 Kings resin incense 1/3oz
Myrrh granular incense 1/3 oz
Frankincense Tears granular incense 1/3oz
Faeries & Elementals for Beginners by Alexandra Chauran
Natural History of Fairies (hc) by Hawkins & Roux
Finding your Elven Heart by Soren Hauge
Essential Guide to Everyday Angels by Margaret Ann Lembo
Enochian Vision Magick by Lon Milo DuQuette
Nordic Runes by Paul Rhys Mountfort
Runelore, Handbook of Esoteric Runology by Edred Thorsson
Runecaster's Handbook by Edred Thorsson
Rites of Odin  by Ed Fitch
Pagan Magic of the Northern Tradition by Nigel Pennick
Triple Moon copper & brass bracelet
4mm Unakite stretch bracelet
4mm Turquoise stretch bracelet
4mm Tiger Eye stretch bracelet
4mm Snow Flake Obsidian stretch bracelet
Raziel Archangel stick incense 12 pack
Archangel Raphael stick incense 12 pack
Archangel Michael stick incense 12 pack
Archangel Gabriel stick incense 12 pack
Archangel Uriel stick incense 12 pack
Branches tibetan Tree of Life 30 stick
White Copal Resin stick incense 10 pack
8" Peruvian Copal stick 10/pk 8mm dia
8" Palo Santo stick 10/pk 8mm dia
8" Palo Santo & Sandalwood stick 10/pk 8mm dia
1/3 ounce Rasta Auric Blends roll on
1/3 ounce Honey Almond Auric Blends roll on
1/3 ounce White Musk Auric Blends roll on
1/3 ounce Water Lily Auric Blends roll on
1/3 ounce Water Goddess Auric Blends roll on
Triple Moon Goddess Prayer Flags 60" x  29"
Tibetan prayer flag 6" x 7"
Tibetan prayer flag 3" x 4"
Tibetan Green Tara prayer flag 9" x 9 1/2"
Tibetan Buddha prayer flag 8" x 9 1/2"
1 1/4oz John the Conqueror(Juan Conquistador)  aromatic bath herb
Dragon's Blood Bath 16oz
1 1/4oz Attraction ( Atraccion) aromatic bath herb
4oz Seven holy Hyssop bath oil
2oz Money Drawing bath oil With Gold
Arrowhead 1"- 2 1/4" stone
Celestial Bell(1/2") String Assorted Colors
Patchouli  oil 1 ounce with root
4" Onyx bowl
Dragon's Blood Kamini 10 cones
Wolf Prayer poster
Hummingbird Prayer poster
Sanda l Wood Tibetan rope incense 45 ropes
Prayer for Clear Communication poster
Owl poster
Wooden book holder 10"
Pentagram letter holder
Black Cats tarot by Maria Kurarai
Voodoo & African Traditional Religion by Lilith Dorsey
Tarot for Your Self by Mary Greer
Tarot Deciphered by Chang & Meleen
Tarot No Question Asked by Theresa Reed
4oz Clear Plastic Bottle
4oz Clear Glass Bottle
1 oz Square Clear
1 Oz Amber Bottle only
10 pack Cognac spell bottle
5" Laughing Buddha
4" Laughing Buddha
12 1/2" Praying Monk
8 1/2" Monk
Shiva Nataraja 9"
1 lb Turquoise tumbled stones
1 lb Opal, Orthoclase tumbled stones
1 lb Tourmaline, Pink tumbled stones
1 lb Obsidian, Rainbow tumbled stones
1 lb Terahertz tumbled stones
Wax Candle Adapter
Candle snugger
Pentagram candle snuffer 7"
Multi-Color Jeweled candle snuffer
Long Brass Candle Snuffer
1 1/4" Triple Moon cast iron chime holder
1 1/4" Plain cast iron chime holder
2" Spike pillar candle holder
Brass Universal candle holder 4 1/4" dia
Brass Chamberstick Taper candle holder
3 3/4" Cauldron/ Burner ashtray
Witch's Cauldron by Laura Tempest Zakroff
Cast Iron Cauldron Mortar and Pestle Set
Brass Cauldron with Screen Burner 2"
To Stir A Magick Cauldron  by Silver Ravenwolf
10 1/4" Cernunnos
Wheel of the Year plaque
Cresent Crowned Moon Goddess (also see SMG715 or SMG716)
Horned God
Greenman plaque
Root Chakra pillar candle 3" x 6"
Heart Chakra pillar candle 3" x 6"
3 1/4" Tree of Life chalice
6 3/4" Loki chalice
6 3/4" Baphomet chalice
6 3/4" Thor chalice
6 3/4" Anubis chalice
Swift Lite 33mm Charcoal (80 tabletss)
Three Kings 33mm Charcoal (10 tablets)
1 Lb Blue incense burner sand
Three Kings 40mm Charcoal (100 tabletss)