1618 Gold Granular Incense

Our selection of Granular, Resin and Powder incense offers a selection of incense found in the forms that they have been used in for thousands of years. Often one of the most natural forms of incense you can find, resin and granular incense is often created from the actual saps and residues of the plants from which the incense originates.
  1. Benzoin chunks 1oz
  1. Frankincense siftings incense 1 oz
  1. Myrrh Granular incense 1 oz
  1. Frankincense Tears incense 1 oz
  1. Frankincense & Myrrh Granular incense Mix 1 oz
  1. Black Mayan Copal granular incense 1oz
  1. Benzoin powder 1oz
  1. 3 Kings 1oz