Household & Taper Candles

Taper candles are the candles that most people think of when they hear the word "candle." Elegant and classical in their style and shape, they are perhaps one of the easiest candles to create and one of the most popular varieties of candles throughout the world. Here you will find a wide ranging of taper candles, varying in size and color.
  1. Green Forest & Cedar votive candle
  1. (set of 2) Mutli-Color Drip Candles
  1. Ornate Brass candle snuffer
  1. Antiqued Branch Candle Snuffer
  1. Chakra Candles Reiki Infused 7 Chakra kit
  1. Dreams Reiki Charged Pillar candle
  1. 3"x6" Gold pillar candle
  1. Wisdom pillar candle with White Howlite heart
  1. Passion pillar candle with Dragon Snake Jade heart
  1. 7 Chakra pillar candle
  1. 6 1/2" Black Female Gender candle
  1. 9 1/2" White Marriage candle
  1. 9 1/2" Red Marriage candle
  1. 4" New Moon scented Lailokens Awen candle
  1. Fast Luck Gold (Suerte Rapida) aromatic jar candle
  1. 10" Red Holy Dearth candle
  1. 10" Black Holy Dearth candle
  1. Yellow Male candle
  1. Button taper candle holder
  1. Assorted Hanukah candle 45pk
  1. Star Household candle holder
  1. Classic Brass Chamberstick taper candle holder
  1. 3 1/2" Pentagram & Bird candle holder
  1. 3 1/2 Tree of Life candle holder