If you're looking to stock up on precious stones, minerals and crystals for your crystal healing, ritual magic, or Feng Shui, this your resource. Whatever you're looking for, from Quartz and Amethyst to Geodes and Emeralds, you'll find them here at The Pagan Witch
  1. 25-30mm Tiffany Stone pyramid
  1. 25-30mm Serpentine pyramid
  1. 30-40mm Rose Quartz pyramid
    Sold Out
  1. 25-33mm Pyrite pyramid
  1. 70mm Orgone Rose Quartz & Quartz Point pyramid
    Sold Out
  1. 25-30mm Orgone Green Aventurine pyramid
  1. 25-30mm Orgone Carnelian pyramid
  1. 20-25mm Multi pyramid
  1. 25-30mm Ruby with Kyanite pyramid
    Sold Out
  1. 70mm Orgone Shungite & Flower pyramid
    Sold Out
  1. 25-30mm Orgone Mixed Stone pyramid
  1. 63mm Orgone Chakra pyramid
  1. 25-30mm Moonstone Rainbow pyramid
  1. 25-30mm Jasper, Kambaba pyramid
  1. 25-30mm Emerald Fuchsite pyramid
    Sold Out
  1. 30-40mm Amethyst pyramid