Tarot books

Having existed for hundreds of years as a tool for divination and covert social and philosophical commentary, Tarot Cards are a powerful tool used by Witches, Pagans, Occultists, and many other practitioners of the magical arts. Discover how they can aid you, and what mysterious powers and insights
  1. Your Tarot toolkit by Ru-Lee Story
  1. Young Oracle Tarot (hc) by Ferguson & Novaes
  1. Will You Give Me a Reading by Jenna Matlin
  1. Teen Witches' Guide to Palm Reading by Chown & Valentine
  1. Tarot Way of Mindfulness by Fiebig & Burger
  1. Tarot Spellbook (hc) by Sam Magdaleno
  1. Tarot Plain and Simple  by Anthony Louis
  1. Tarot by Numbers (hc) by Liz Dean
  1. Tarot Magick by Lindsay Squire
  1. Tarot in Love by Elliot Adam
  1. Tarot Guided Workbook
  1. Tales Behind Tarot (hc) by Alison Davies
  1. Runes, your Personal Guide (hc) by Jan Budkowski
  1. Pictorial Key to the Tarot  by A.E. Waite
  1. Palmistry Art of Reading Palms by Anna Comerford
  1. Essential Book of Tarot (hc) by Alice Ekrek
  1. Easy Tatot Combinations by Josephine Ellershaw
  1. Creative Pendulum by Joan Rose Staffen
  1. Big Book of Tarot Meanings by Swan Treasure
  1. Modern Witch Tarot journal (hc)
  1. Art of Scrying & Dowsing by Jenny Tyson
  1. July 2023- Dec 2024 Guided by Tarot weekly planner (hc)