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all Necklaces

Accenting your ritual wear or providing the perfect highlight for your favorite shirt or simply providing you with an elegant expression of faith, our large collection of jewelry is intended to offer you the selection you need to express yourself and your faith.
  1. Amethyst wire wrapped pendant
  1. Lucifer pendant
  1. Anguistalobe
  1. Citrine tumbled pendant
  1. Selenite wire wrapped necklace
  1. Quartz wire wrapped pendant
  1. Black Tourmaline wire wrapped pendant
  1. Agate, Grape wire wrapped
  1. Selenite utumbled pendant
  1. Smoky Quartz slice pendant
  1. Rose Quartz slice pendant
  1. Sun pendant with citrine bead
  1. Peace pendant with amazonite bead
  1. Leaf pendant with green aventurine bead
  1. Feather pendant with black onyx bead
  1. Arrowhead pendant with hematite bead
  1. Golden Quartz slice pendant
  1. Garnet slice pendant
  1. Ganesha carnelian pendant
  1. 30mm Flower of Life rainbow moonstone pendant
  1. Selenite W/ Kyanite pendant
  1. 1 1/2" Raphael Orgone Amethyst & Green Aventurine
  1. Orgone Chakra spiral (set of 3)
  1. 3/4" Triple Goddess Pentagram Amethyst sterling