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Accenting your ritual wear or providing the perfect highlight for your favorite shirt or simply providing you with an elegant expression of faith, our large collection of jewelry is intended to offer you the selection you need to express yourself and your faith.
  1. 3/4" Pentagram sterling
  1. Ashes Chamber Goddess
  1. Ashes Chamber Pentagram
  1. Garnet & Rultilated Quartz mala
    Sold Out
  1. Ashes Chamber Pentagram
  1. Ashes Chamber Star of David
  1. Ashes Chamber Rose
  1. Ashes Chamber Angel Wings
  1. Ashes Chamber Celtic Heart
  1. Ashes Chamber
  1. 1.25" Lotus labradorite earrings
  1. Black Tourmaline nuggett bracelet
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  1. various gemstone bracelet
  1. 8mm Super 7
    Sold Out
  1. Baphomet bracelet
  1. 8mm Tourmaline, Black
  1. 8mm Pyrite
  1. 8mm Rhyolite
  1. 8mm Rhodonite/ Quartz with Heart
  1. 8mm Onyx, Black/ Turquoise
  1. 8mm Moss, Green/ Triquetra
  1. 8mm Quartz/ Kunzite Flower of Life
  1. 8mm Obsidian, Goldsheen/ Quartz with Frog
  1. 8mm Hematite, Rainbow