1. Runic Traot by Sephiroth & Dempster
  1. Medieval Cat tarot deck  by Pace & Teng
  1. Celtic Spirit oracle by Nicola McIntosh
  1. Runes, your Personal Guide (hc) by Jan Budkowski
  1. Rites of Odin  by Ed Fitch
  1. Norse Magic  by D.J. Conway
  1. Nine Ways to Charm a Dryad by Penny Billington
  1. Celtic Mysticism (hc) by Tracie Long
  1. Young Oracle Tarot (hc) by Ferguson & Novaes
  1. Will You Give Me a Reading by Jenna Matlin
  1. Tarot Way of Mindfulness by Fiebig & Burger
  1. Tarot Spellbook (hc) by Sam Magdaleno
  1. Tarot Plain and Simple  by Anthony Louis
  1. Tarot by Numbers (hc) by Liz Dean
  1. Tarot Magick by Lindsay Squire
  1. Tarot in Love by Elliot Adam
  1. Tarot Guided Workbook
  1. Tales Behind Tarot (hc) by Alison Davies
  1. Pictorial Key to the Tarot  by A.E. Waite
  1. Essential Book of Tarot (hc) by Alice Ekrek
  1. Easy Tatot Combinations by Josephine Ellershaw
  1. Big Book of Tarot Meanings by Swan Treasure
  1. July 2023- Dec 2024 Guided by Tarot weekly planner (hc)