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The Pagan Witch

Antiquelis, Seal of



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Some secrets have been held for centuries, passed down from sage to sage until finally ending in the hands of those who would see those secrets in print.  “The 6th and 7th book of Moses” is one such text, containing magical secrets passed down from Moses through word of mouth until finally seeing print in 1848.
Containing many of the secrets of Talmudic Lore, one of the secrets held within its pages was the construction of the Seal of Antiquelis.  This seal represents Antiquel, one of the major demon princes who is in service to Aniquiel, a Grand Duke of Hell. Taking the form of a serpent of paradise he watches over those who bear his seal and can be called to serve the same, if approached respectfully.
Now you can bear this seal around your neck on a beautiful chain, ready to call on the aid of this fallen angel whenever need calls.  Or you can simply wear it decoratively, whichever happens to suit your needs.

From the 6th and 7th book of Moses this amulet can be used to summon one of the great princes to help provide great wealth and honor. Made in USA. Has cord. Pewter. 1 1/4”

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