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Not everything in the spirit world is safe and friendly, and sometimes you need a little extra help to protect you when things get spiritually hairy. This amulet is marked with seven powerful Orisha from Voodoo surrounding the crucified Jesus.  Thanks to the syncretisation that occurred when Voodoo found it’s way to Haiti, this amulet brings you the protection of two powerful faiths.  The ancient Lwa of Voodoo, and the protection of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary.
When you receive this amulet, do the usual cleansing and consecration (A little rose water and envisioning purifying energy cleansing it) and then place it on a plate of salt for a week, leaving small offerings of wine, crackers, and fruit.  At the end of the week take the amulet and wear it to receive the protection of these ancient powers.  During the New Moon place it back in the plate of salt and repeat the offerings to thank them for their protection during the month, and place it back on.  Don’t worry, they’ll protect you even when you’re not wearing it!

Etched with a timeless symbol of the Orishas, this powerful coin is a powerful symbol of protection and aid. Made in USA. No cord. Pewter. 1 1/4"

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