A Temple is a specific place that is cleared for meditative and magical practices, and this allows you to make a connection with the spiritual world. The Temple is a place where external and internal awareness meld. There are innumerable frequencies in this space, that a person is able to tune into. When we are still we exude energy, energy is put out and there is conscious reception, this allows communion with the collective unconscious, and that which resides in the ether. The union with a spiritual plane will be made depending on the sensitivity of the individual communing with the higher realms. The particular energy and mood of the moment, will be the deciding factor as to what type of energies are attracted, and each session will be different. The better you are able to tune in, the more concise and deep will be the import of messages.

Your Temple may comprise of anything that resonates to you, this could be crystals, stones, music, oil essences, incense, water features or statues of gods and goddesses, the atmospheric conditions on any given day is all important and will set the tone of your ritual. Each time you enter your Temple you will have a different experience, you are aiming for spiritual melding. When performing a ritual within your Temple, adopt a pattern of behavior and follow this each time you are in your spiritual space, this way your habit or pattern can become an integral part of the psyche.

Everything contained in your Temple should have some symbolism and resonance of energy, this will help create a powerful vibration for you to work with, everything should have a meaning. temple2Your Temple is a place of spiritual growth and advancement, somewhere you can work alone or with others, you want a space that induces spiritual states and engenders self-attunement. When inviting others into your Temple they are required to surrender to the moment with concentrated consciousness, every bit of attention should be focused on direction from spiritual dimensions. The best people to work with are like minded souls as they help to raise the energies, when working as a group each entity becomes part of the whole, much like an orchestra, although just one person can produce the required energy for a precise meditation. The reason for Temples is to create a connection between divinity and physical being.

To begin, the physical being meditates in their Temple in order to make contact with a deity, begin by dimming lights or lighting candles, you can chant and focus on your breathing. Words are very important when attempting spiritual connection, whether they be used soundlessly or chanted aloud, intonation is important as this helps to evoke a response from higher entities. Soul responses are obtained from emotional levels with the use of chants, bells, physical symbols, scents, colours and sounds, such as spiritual meditation music. Your spiritual consciousness allows the mind, body and spirit to form a unity. Deep meditation is different for every single person, much like looking at a kaleidoscope, each person will adjust to what appeals to them. Within your Temple, body, mind and spirit are held together through focus, you are in your special space doing something special.

Ever since the beginnings of Temple activities, each participant enters with a feeling of hope and faith that they will be able to make contact with the higher realms, and receive Divine guidance. Terminology may have changed over the centuries but the overall belief system has stayed the same. Within your Temple you can create an atmosphere that favours spiritual attainment and self-development, your Temple is there to help you learn and evolve. Within your Temple, bad habits can be inhibited and good habits enhanced. Within your sacred space there is room for every class and type of human temperament to grow spiritually, if they are willing. Some Temple dwellers run a closed shop and will only admit those they feel are spiritually enlightened, while others offer an open invitation to all types. Then again a single person can create a Temple suitable to them and their particular needs, and they may if they choose, invite others who are similarly aligned into their sacred space. Those who favour group activity often find they are psychically drawn to the right people for their needs, within this group they find harmonious and satisfying spiritual relationships through an energy exchange.

A person’s Temple need not be a physical one, as in essence it is the individual’s consciousness connecting to a state of spiritual being. Connecting with the Divine can be a personal one, a private one with a few close individuals, or a more public one consisting of many people. The personal one is a ritual with a single soul, the private connection is restricted to a few friends and/or family, the public gathering is larger and not necessarily familial and close friends, it is for like minded individuals, it is all inclusive. Whatever type of Temple, contemplation takes place and the energy is benign. All in all the more people in the world who connect to the Divine, the higher the vibration of the cosmic consciousness. The gathering of spiritual beings contribute to the world thought currents, which over time bring about spiritual changes. With concerted consciousness and focus, we can go far beyond what we deem to be our limits. There is no limit to what coordinating consciousness can achieve. Temple activity is for those who believe in a higher power and want to reach and commune with this power for their spiritual advancement. Thoughts that dart around the cosmos like radio waves, become audible sounds that sensitives can tune into, the more spiritually enlightened we become, the more hospitable the earth plane becomes. By becoming more open and sensitive to spiritual energies, the easier it is to commune with finer and more uplifting frequencies.

Building a Temple begins with a thought, you are clearing a space of consciousness so that spiritual energies can be contacted, this is how you prepare yourself for a connection with higher realms. Meditation within your Temple gives the mind chance to rest while the soul replenishes. When you are in your Temple you switch on to higher frequencies, this is intention so that you can tune into the cosmos, when you have finished you switch off. Once you become fully disciplined in this art you will find it very easy to switch on and off, and you will feel fulfilled after the experience. Your Temple, as well as being a place of esoteric expression, becomes your training ground for enlightenment, over time you become conditioned as meditation uplifts the mind and soul. Your Temple can become a place of transcendental fulfillment and afford you the opportunity to develop inner qualities. The most important Temple you will ever be within is the one inside your head, which is your own cosmos of consciousness, and which can over time, become the most elaborate Temple you will ever enter. Your Temple is a location in space and time where higher elements are tapped.

Should you decide to have a physical Temple and wish to invite others to commune with you, choose these individuals carefully as one person’s energy affects another’s. Once you decide to work with others create a routine, through this you will find that each time you meet and meditate the vibrations become more intense, this is a situation where habit is a good thing. As a Temple dweller, whatever you decide to do, make sure that you feel entirely comfortable with your choice. When you meditate in your Temple, you are attempting to enhance your state of being as you appeal to a higher power, you are attempting to commune with a higher entity for self-betterment. When in your Temple you are combining life principles with spiritual powers and you are making an impact on Cosmic Consciousness.

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