Hold The Heavens In The Palm Of Your Hand

Hold The Heavens In The Palm Of Your Hand

People everywhere are fascinated with the concept of astrology, that mysterious art of determining your horoscope by divining the motions of the planets.  While most people can tell you what their astrological signs are, how many of them actually know the history of how the positions of the stars were divined?

What has become a beautiful piece of Wiccan jewelry was once an important tool in determining the positions of the planets in the heavens, and by extension the influences the heavens had on us through our zodiac signs.  The tool in question was called the anguistralobe, a tool that was devised from the scientific astrolabe.  With its intricate markings and moving parts, one might think that this device has an origin in recent astrology, but they’d be quite wrong.

Anguistralobe: The Tool To Study The Heavens In The Ancient World

The ancients were far more knowledgeable and wise about the heavens and astrology then modern man gives them credit for.  The astrolabe, and thus the anguistralobe, can be traced back as far as 220BC when it was created by the Grecian Astronomer, mathematician, and master of astrology Hipparchus of Nicaea.  His study of the heavens would advance the study of astrological signs and the zodiac immeasurably, and the tool he used is now available as a beautiful piece of Wiccan jewelry.


The anguistralobe is the perfect fusion of science and mysticism, being perfectly suited for tracking the paths of the planets across the heaven and revealing the secrets held within.  There’s something about the sleek lines and purity of working with ancient devices that brings out the best results from your practice of astrology to reveal your horoscope.


From the shores of Greece this device soon spread all over the world, being found in Muslim Mecca, where the mathematician Muhammad al-Fazari was created with building the first one, to Persia and Paris.  Astrolabes soon came to be expanded into new forms, including spherical astrolabes that are are a combination of armillary sphere and astrolabe.  But the anguistralobe is a classic from ancient times that anyone would be proud to own.


A Beautiful Piece of Astrological Art from The Ancient World

One cannot deny that the anguistralobe and its scientific partner the astrolabe is profoundly beautiful. The intricacy of its design and the fine workmanship that was necessary to produce it makes it the perfect symbol of the wisdom of the ancient world.  Any pagan or lover of astrology would be proud to wear it as a stunning piece of Wiccan jewelry.


Whether you’re looking to divine the secrets of the heaven or simply demonstrate incredible good taste and a belief in zodiac signs, an astrolabe is the perfect accompaniment to your ensemble.  Why not pop on over to our marketplace and pick one up for yourself today?


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